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Romney should release all his book reports

Page history last edited by Mike 12 years, 5 months ago

Romney should release all his book reports.

Reasons to agree:

  1. People are going to assume the worst about why he liked a book, if he doesn't give any reason at all. For instance, he lists a book by Mark Twain on his website. People are doubting weather this is really his favorite book.
  2. Mitt Romney was a valedictorian English major. He had to have read a lot of books.
  3. These book reports from when he was younger, would give a great window into his mind.
  4. People who liked those books, may like Romney.
  5. People may try to find embarrassing things in the book report, but people are going to assume the worst about Mitt Romney, and it is better to have them making fact based criticisms, because Romney did very well in school.
  6. In the olden days, no one would publish all your book reports. Now information is free. Romney could put them all on his web page, and only those who wanted to read them would.
  7. Hillary Clinton was a complete nut in college. Romney should say, "I have nothing to hide, do you?"


Reasons to disagree:

  1. People would search his book reports to for things to embarrass him.


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