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Governor Mitt Romney and the letter "S"


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  1. Strengthening Latin American Allies and Confronting Tyrants




  • “Accidents will always happen. There’s simply no way to prevent every mishap. But, as the task force notes, the real tragedy of The Station nightclub fire is that loss of life may have been prevented with effective code enforcement, better training of nightclub staff and the installation of automatic sprinklers.”


  • “I’m aware of the financial burden that sprinkler installation will have on some of our smaller venues. But these considerations have to be weighted against the avoidance of a fire disaster such as we had in Rhode Island.”


  • “We will do what we can to lessen the burden on our club owners. What we will not do is compromise the public safety.”


  • “Sadly, it often takes a tragedy to bring to light inadequacies in certain laws. After the Cocoanut Grove fire claimed nearly 500 lives in 1942, the first comprehensive statewide fire safety law was put in place. Last year, another 100 lives were needlessly lost in The Station nightclub fire, including 33 from Massachusetts. The tragic events of that night sent a clear message that, once again, our fire safety statutes needed to be updated. Today, I am proud to sign the most far-reaching overhaul of the state’s fire safety laws in over 60 years.”


  • “Every day, our firefighters put their lives on the line. They deserve the security of knowing that we’ve given them the best possible tools to do the job. These grants are a critical investment in the peace of mind that comes with effective fire prevention and response.”


  • “Affordable health insurance can be available to all citizens without a government takeover of the healthcare system. Our program uses the money we already spend on uninsured individuals and offers them the opportunity to have health insurance and get better care.”


  • “Today, people can use the Internet to research information on nearly everything, yet critical information on the cost and quality of healthcare services is not readily available. Important healthcare information should be accessible to everyone. I am confident that it will lead to a further improvement in care and create the right incentives for hospitals and doctors to keep costs lower.”


  • "In Massachusetts, we've taken a number of steps to address our aging infrastructure, whether it is bridges, dams or roads. My immediate concern is that we focus our available resources on inspecting and re-inspecting dams that are under extreme stress due to last week's heavy rains."


  • “It’s important that hunters understand the basic skills and responsibilities that will help them to enjoy the sport safely, and to foster an appreciation of hunting for new generations of young people.”


  • “Through his failures, Matt Amorello has undermined public confidence in the safety of the Big Dig tunnels, diminishing the project's benefit to the public. I am following the course set out in the law to bring in new leadership that can restore the public's confidence.


  • “Basically, it comes down to an issue of public confidence. The current leadership of the Turnpike Authority has lost all credibility with the public. Until we can bring in new leadership, I’m asking the Legislature to act on an emergency basis to transfer to the state the authority for overseeing the inspections now underway, and for making the final call on the safety of the tunnel system.”



Smart Growth

  • “If we are to attract new businesses and jobs to Massachusetts, we must be innovative in creating clearer, faster and more predictable paths for economic development. These grants will help us to reach those goals,” said Romney. “By targeting development to areas where there is already infrastructure in place, not only can we revitalize our older communities, but we can also curb sprawl as well.”


  • “Right now, our ocean waters are vulnerable to unplanned development. We want to avoid a Wild West shootout, where projects are permitted on a ‘first come, first served’ basis,” said Romney. “The only way to protect our beautiful ocean environment is with comprehensive ocean zoning reform.”


  • “To generate new jobs, spark economic growth and remain competitive, we need to be smart about how we invest taxpayer dollars in growth and development in Massachusetts. These grants and loans will go a long way towards ensuring a robust economy and prosperous quality of life in the Commonwealth for many years to come.”




Same Sex Marriage;


School Choice;


Science and Technology Policy;

School Choice;


Smart Growth;

social conservatives;

Space Policy;

Special Interest;

Stem Cells




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    1. How has the Bush administration handled this whole ports deal?



  1. Brian Lamb
    1. What do you think of what happened to Bode Miller and his attitude?


Stem Cells

  1. Wolf Blitzer
    1. Do you oppose embryonic stem cell research?
  2. 1st Debate
    1. Will you expand federal funding of embryonic stem cell research?

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