School choice is good

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School choice is good.

Reasons to agree

  1. Choice is good.
  2. Competition and choice in Educational opportunities – whether it comes from private schools, charter schools, or home schooling – makes traditional public schools better and improves the quality of Education for all of America's kids.
  3. Public schools have no motivation, besides doing the right thing, to do a good job. Sure people want to do the right things, but people don't stick to diets, they cheat on the spouses, and watch too much TV, even when there is a direct reward or punishment that would seem to motivate them. A lot of teachers are great people, but they are no better than the rest of us, and the rest of us often need economic incentives to do what is right. Good schools will attract more kids, and will be able to charge more money, and pay better. Competition will help schools all schools do better.
  4. Bethtopaz: "Just go into any DMV and you will see what government control does to quality and motivation to excel and offer the best customer service."
  5. People make vague arguments about hidden costs. The example I was given is that middle income people would be able to afford the extra cost to take their kids to better schools. That is the problem with liberals: they think that, yes, this would make the world better for everyone, but it is not perfect on paper and so we should not do it, or not everyone would be able to take full advantage of it... it is accademic to them, and they are able to just ignore the fact that it would help the majority of people directly, and create a better educational environment for everyone. But they don't care. You can find a problem with any plan. A committee is a cul-de-sac down which ideas are lured and then quietly strangled, and democrats love committees.
  6. Someone said that private schools were used in the south as a way to segregate. I don't know if this is true or not, but this is strange logic. By this logic, it is wrong to use any tool, that has once been used by bad people. By this logic, we should not go to any schools, because Nazis also sent their children to schools. The only valid question is if vouchers today would lead to segregation, and the whole purpose of vouchers is that they give poor children the opportunity to choose their schools, just like rich people. I think vouchers lead away from segregation.
  7. Some say that vouchers would hurt the community, because the way kids go to school now, is based on their location. All the kids from the same neighborhood now go to the same schools. But this the typical liberal way of looking at the world: we know better how to raise your kids than you do. Liberals get an idea in their mind of what leads to ideal communities. They think that for some reason having everyone from a certain area going to the same school will help create a sense of community. Sure. There are times when a sense of community might help a child, or neighborhood, but going to a better school, might also help children. Feeling involved, and empowered might help parents. Their are a lot of complicated decisions, and republicans and libertarians want to empower the individuals.
  8. It is best to trust individuals to make decisions for their own lives.
  9. Just because it is not practical for everyone, does not mean it is not practical for anyone. It is a simple matter of respecting parents rights, that if you are going to help them with education, and they live equally as close to a catholic school and a public school, the parents should be able to send their kids to whichever one they want.
  10. If parents had a choice as to which schools their kids would go to, newspapers, magazines, and other publications that parents read would find ways to evaluate these different schools. If parents had a choice as to which school to send their kids, there would be more interest in education in general. Right now we spend more time thinking about what type of toilet paper to buy, then we think about were to send our kids to school, because we don't have a choice of were to send our kids to school.
  11. Bookstores don't hurt libraries, and even if they do, it doesn't matter, unless you work for the library and don't want to work for a bookstore. The important thing is people have a choice of where to go, and that they are able to read books.
  12. Its wrong to say; "don't use my tax money to fund private and home schooling". Why should you have the right to tell parents where to send their kids?
  13. Catholic schools do better than public schools.