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Stem Cells

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Governor Mitt Romney and Stem Cells


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Governor Mitt Romney and Stem Cells


Then Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney makes a pose similar to that in a poster of himself as Austin Powers and Mini-Me, from the "Austin Powers" movie, which state Treasurer Tim Cahill shows during South Boston's St. Patrick's Day breakfast in Boston to joke about Romney and the stem cell research issue, in this March 20, 2005 file photo. Romney is opposed to therapeutic cloning, or creating embryos, for stem cell research. (AP Photo/Chitose Suzuki, File)



Stem Cells


  • "Human cloning for any purpose — whether for research or reproduction — is ethically wrong. Once cloning occurs, a human life is set in motion."
    • Mitt Romney Source: Letter to the Massachusetts Legislature (May 2005)


Does anyone have a copy of this letter?


Although Romney has stated that he supports the use of surplus embryos from fertility clinics for stem-cell research, he vetoed a Massachusetts bill to fund stem-cell research because the legislation allowed the cloning of human embryos. "I am not in favor of creating new human embryos through cloning," said Romney, calling the practice a "a matter of profound moral and ethical consequence." Romney also opposed the legislation because of its assertion that life does not begin until an embryo is implanted in a uterus. "It is very conceivable that scientific advances will allow an embryo to be grown for a substantial period of time outside the uterus," Romney said in an interview with the Boston Globe. "To say that it is not life at one month or two months or four months or full term, just because it had never been in a uterus, would be absurd." The state legislature overrode Romney's veto, with many legislators feeling that stem-cell research will be important in the future to the state's biotech industry.



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  • Romney urges changes to stem cell bill Adds amendment to prohibit cloning, By and Scott Greenberger, Globe Staff, May 12, 2005


  • Romney vs. Harvard; Is the Bay State a make-or-break point for the culture of life? February 11, 2005



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Stem Cells

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