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successful outcome

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 6 months ago

What would a successful outcome look like?

Millions of users.

Users using this website to help them make decisions.

I would be making lots of money off of advertising.

People would modify the way they write essays. They would no longer expect their essays to remain isolated from the rest of the intellectual world. Their essays would have thousands of reasons to agree and disagree with them. Every book will be accumulated into one truth. Books, songs, poems, historical events, and artwork will all be used as reasons to agree or disagree with different positions. All logical links between items will be connected.

How will we know if this website is successful?

Number of ideas listed on the website

The alphabetical list of ideas currently only has 37 ideas.

Goal: I would like to have 100 ideas by January 2005


Number of people participating in submitting ideas.

I am the only person who has posted an idea, with any reasons to agree or disagree with that idea.

Goal: I would like to get 5 people to submit things that they believe, with reasons they believe them to this website by January 2005.


If the algorithm actually promotes better ideas

I would like to meet some people that know programming/database management well enough to make a crude algorithm by January 2005.

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