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task force

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Governor Mitt Romney's Task Forces


In his first year in office Governor Mitt Romney convened 4 task fources

  1. Affordable Housing,
  2. Ocean Management,
  3. Housing,
  4. Fire Safety, and
  5. Education
  6. Auto Insurance


Governor Mitt Romney Task Force Quotes


  • “The task force represented many different points of view and the consensus report accomplished something that many people thought could not be done. They recommended important changes that will help our cities and towns to use this law properly as a housing development tool while promoting smart growth and sustainable development. I am grateful for their work.”


  • “Accidents will always happen. There’s simply no way to prevent every mishap. But, as the task force notes, the real tragedy of The Station nightclub fire is that loss of life may have been prevented with effective code enforcement, better training of nightclub staff and the installation of automatic sprinklers. I’m aware of the financial burden that sprinkler installation will have on some of our smaller venues. But these considerations have to be weighted against the avoidance of a fire disaster such as we had in Rhode Island. We will do what we can to lessen the burden on our club owners. What we will not do is compromise the public safety.”


Governor Mitt Romney Task Force Press Releases



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