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Tax honks

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years ago

We should Tax honks.


Reasons to agree:

  1. We should reward good behavior.
  2. We should punish bad behavior.
  3. It is governments business to give incentives or punishments for behavior that help or hurts society, this is just a natural application of this principle.
  4. Noise pollution is an annoyance of living in cities.
  5. Taking out all of the horn's in a taxi would not be safe, because some times you need to warn people of something.
  6. A city could buy some cheap thing that counts the number of honks a day, and charges a dollar per honk after the first 5 honks.
  7. Like BigJackZelig said, "Why not have the steering wheel be a vending machine that accepts quarters for honks?" I think you would need to have them pre-loaded, because in an emergency you would not want to be looking for quarters. Also, with this system, who would collect the quarters? It might work well for tax caps, where there is already inspection of vehicles. Otherwise the overhead for administering the system would probable not produce enough of a return for your effort.



Links that agree:

  1. http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/$0_2e10_20per_20honk

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