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Elect Romney in 2008.com Contributors:


Founder: Ann Marie Curling; Team Leaders Nathan Gunderson, Jeff Fuller, Mike Laub, Vic Lundquist, Bloggers: Thomas Alan; Andru Blonquist, John Cronin, Kyle Joseph Farmer, David Kim, Chris Kopchak, Matthew Miller, Darren Montgomery, Greg Shriber, Justin Talbot, Nathan Waite

Andru Blonquist




  • Chicago, IL (where I grew up)
  • Greenville, SC (where I've lived since 1999)


  • BS Construction Management (Business Minor)


Current Employment:

  • Self-employed - Operations Consulting (specifically to the residential contruction industry)



  • Sports - especially college football
  • Camping and outdoors
  • Power Tools
  • Business systems
  • Construction technology
  • Family--two kids (age 4 and 2 with one on the way)
  • News & current events
  • Talk Radio (since I was 8 years old)
  • Designing programs and spreadsheets for Microsoft Excel
  • Principles of Financial Stewardship
  • Getting a good value out of every purchase




  • Licensed Builder - South Carolina
  • Licensed Real Estate Salesperson - South Carolina

Favorite News & Politics Web Sites:



Good Books I've Read Recently:

  • A Mormon in the White House? - Hugh Hewitt
  • Turnaround - Mitt Romney
  • God Owns My Business - Stanley Tam
  • Good to Great - Jim Collins
  • God's Plan for Your Finances - Dwight Nichols
  • As a Man Thinketh - James Allen
  • Tempting Faith - David Kuo
  • The E-Myth Revisited - Michael Gerber
  • In His Steps - Charles Sheldon



My Involvement in the Grassroots:



Why I Support Mitt Romney:


I've been following Mitt Romney closely since he made waves with the Massachusetts health insurance legislation. I admired what he did for the Olympics in 2002, but really didn't pay much attention until early last year. As I dug into his record and past successes, I realized that Mitt Romney was something special.


As I have watched successful people over my lifetime, I have witnessed people who seem to be born to do something specific. For Michael Jordan, it was basketball, for Tiger Woods, it was Golf, and for Lance Armstrong it was cycling. In studying the traits of mind and body that each of these individuals posses, it appears to me that everything about them pointed to the competitive field where each eventually dominated. Politically speaking, Mitt Romney appears born to be president.


First of all, he was blessed with an incredible intellect and capcity for digesting large amounts of information in a short period of time. He was born into a politically active and successful family where he learned by example what it takes to lead. At the same time, he learned what not to do--to avoid the potential pitfalls of a national campaign. In addition to the talent and parenting, he was also blessed with good looks. While some abuse this gift and find they don't have to work as hard to be successful, Mitt has used this gift responsibly to become a servant-leader people feel comfortable following.


Next I looked at Mitt Romney's career in the business world. With his world-class education, he was well prepared to enter the field of business consulting and quickly found success as an innovative problem-solver. He did things that others would have thought impossible and utilized hard work and smart work to minimize risk. Since his career began, everything he has touched has literally turned to gold. Few businessmen--if any--could match his resume with regard to both success and variety. It's one thing to be extremely successful in one business, but to be successful with dozens--even hundreds of different businesses--that just doesn't happen.


Business success alone does not qualify someone to be the leader of the free world. In the late 1990's Mitt Romney decided to take a break from business to turn the scandal-plagued 2002 Olympics into one of the most impressive displays of managerial competence the international community has ever seen. At this point, anyone could have called it quits and gone down in history as one of the most successful managers in history. Instead, he answered the call to serve again, this time as Governor of Massachusetts. Having already lost an ugly state-wide race to Ted Kennedy 8 years earlier, it would have been easy to say "no" to those who were actively recruiting him. But this down-to-earth guy is at a point in life where he feels driven to give back--and to use his God-given gifts to benefit the rest of society. So he ran, and he won. Honest people would have to agree that Massachusetts is better off for having had the leadership of this gifted man.


When I look at Mitt Romney's life and see the improbable course it has followed, I can't help but think that Mitt Romney was born to be president.



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