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The collapse of the American family should be cause for grave concern

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The collapse of the American family should be cause for grave concern.

Reasons to agree

  1. Alcohol and Jihad are most definitely nightmares of our time, but ultimately I feel the collapse of the family should also be cause for grave concern.
  2. Kids need their moms and dads. They need structure, support, boundaries, love, and so much more. If Americans (and the rest of the world) could only focus more on raising good, respectful, contributing citizens, the world would be a better place. Period.
  3. There would be less anger and hatred and more personal responsibility and decency. And with regard to this particular post, I think there would be far less alcohol abuse--among so many other negative products that stem so profoundly from a child's "broken" home and family life.
  4. Mitt was right when he said "Washington was broken." I would add to it, however, that so is the most important institution ever created, more significant than any government, army, country, or otherwise. . . the ever-so-faltering American family.
  5. At this time more than ever, parents need to step up and raise their children. We all know the next president of the United States sure won't.


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