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The federal government should not determine what schools teach or how they are ran

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Issues / Raising the Bar on Education


Governor Mitt Romney has said that it is not the proper role of the federal government to tell parents, teachers, kids and local authorities what to teach or how to run their schools.

I would like to hear your reasons to agree or disagree, until then here are my Reasons to agree with Romney:

  1. It is just too tempting for fascist on both sides of the political spectrum, to try and hoist their indoctrination on the nation. It is better to leave the decisions up to individuals, and local authorities who are motivated by local concerns of raising good children, instead of putting our children's future in the hands of people with grand ambitions of shaping the future of millions of people. If power really does corrupt, then we should break up the power of educating our children into thousands of different pieces, so that the motivation of raising one's own children has a better chance of fighting against the people who dream of power, and a world shaped after their own dreams. Education politics is often viewed as between a fight between the right and the left. The founding fathers were able to side-step these fights, by creating a balance of power, were people with ambition would fight it out and not really get anywhere, and not be able to take issues hostage for their own glory. In a similar way we should favor local actors, who dream of their children's future, in the fight between local concerns and the national powers of those in congress, and national organizations like the NEA, who dream of creating the world after their own ideas.


Send me an E-mail for me to add your reasons to agree or disagree.

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