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The media is liberal

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The media is liberal.

Reasons to agree:

  1. 75% to 85% of reporters self identify themselves as democrats. Some say "Democrats are not liberal", but they are more liberal than the general public. The point is, obviously, that the media is more liberal than an impartial observer, which they pretend to be.
  2. People who go into journalism are different than people that go into more practical careers. We need all kinds. We need journalist. I'm just pointing out that people are different. People who go into journalism are choosing a less practical career choice. Again I am not making a value judgment as which choice is better, I'm just saying they are different. People who choose journalism are choosing a more touchy feely idealistic career. Liberalism tends to be more idealistic, and Conservatism tends to be more practical. We all like the idea of socialism, conservatives are just more practical and realize that socialism has unintended consequences. We all like the idea of reforming criminals, but conservatives are less idealistic, or optimistic about our chances for success. We all would like to live in a world where government can be big and efficient, just because it is the right thing to do, but conservatives are pessimistic about human motivation, and governments capacity to do good with their big power. Again journalist and liberals are more idealistic, and have more trust in human nature. Liberals because of their political philosophy, journalist because of their idealistic and less practical career choice. These artsy types don’t want to be constrained with putting food on the table. They want the government to take care of all of these so they can sit around and talk about how smart they are.
  3. "Indeed, the media elites covering national politics would be indistinguishable from the Democratic Party except the Democratic Party isn't liberal enough. A higher percentage of the Washington press corps voted for Clinton in 1992 than did his demographic category: 'Registered Democrats.'" -- Ann Coulter, P. 56. For all of you Ann Coulter haters, don't tell me that just because she said it, that it is false... You have to argue with what she said, not with the fact that someone you don't like said something. No one is wrong 100% of the time, and this talking past each other is the cause of our problems. When ever you give a quote from someone, people who disagree with you will always try to change the subject from the actual words that the person said, and if what they said is true or not, and try to change the subject to talking about the person talking. This is stupid, counterproductive, and one of the reasons it is painful to try to have a meaningful conversation with anyone.  
  4. Public media (NPR PBS) is liberal.
    1. NPR gets its money from the Government. They pay check requires them to believe that government should be involved in the arts. Conservatives believe in limited government, and so, of course, people who get their money from the government, are not going to support policies that would remove their job. What's funny is NPR and PBS often tells its listeners that they are less biased than media that gets its funding by advertisements, but they are, of course, more biased. Even if you could try to not be biased, subconsciously you would assume the government should be doing all sorts of stuff, because, after all, you wouldn't believe that your life work is meaningless, or not valuable. 
  5. The people who "moderate" the debates are all democratic hacks.
    1. George Stephanopoulos was the Bill Clinton press secretary 
    2. Chris Matthews was a presidential speechwriter during the Carter administration 
  6. "It was revealed that the Democratic Party received a total donation of $1,020,816, given by 1,160 employees of the three major broadcast television networks (NBC, CBS, ABC), while the Republican Party received only $142,863 via 193 donations." That is 7 times the amount that republicans got. Obama, Democrats got 88 percent of 2008 contributions by TV network execs, writers, reporters." Wikipedia  http://washingtonexaminer.com/blogs/beltway-confidential/obama-democrats-got-88-percent-2008-contributions-tv-network-execs-writers 
  7. "A study cited frequently by critics of a "liberal media bias" in American journalism is The Media Elite, a 1986 book co-authored by political scientists Robert Lichter, Stanley Rothman, and Linda Lichter. They surveyed journalists at national media outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the broadcast networks. The survey found that most of these journalists were Democratic voters whose attitudes were well to the left of the general public on a variety of topics, including such hot-button social issues as abortion, affirmative action, and gay rights. Then they compared journalists' attitudes to their coverage of controversial issues such as the safety of nuclear power, school busing to promote racial integration, and the energy crisis of the 1970s. The authors concluded that journalists' coverage of controversial issues reflected their own attitudes, and the predominance of political liberals in newsrooms therefore pushed news coverage in a liberal direction. They presented this tilt as a mostly unconscious process of like-minded individuals projecting their shared assumptions onto their interpretations of reality."~ Wikipedia, R. Lichter, S. Rothman, and L. Lichter, The Media Elite. New York: Hastings House, 1991.
  8. In a survey conducted by the American Society of Newspaper Editors in 1997, 61% of reporters stated that they were members of or shared the beliefs of the Democratic Party. Only 15% say their beliefs were best represented by the Republican Party. This leaves 24% undecided or Independent.  ASNE report". Retrieved 2007-03-28, http://www.asne.org/kiosk/reports/97reports/journalists90s/journalists.html  
  9. A 2002 study by Jim A. Kuypers of Dartmouth College, Press Bias and Politics, investigated the issue of media bias. In this study of 116 mainstream US papers, including The New York Times, the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle, Kuypers stated that the mainstream press in America tends to favor liberal viewpoints. They claimed that reporters who they thought were expressing moderate or conservative points of view were often labeled as holding a minority point of view. Kuypers said he found liberal bias in reporting a variety of issues including race, welfare reform, environmental protection, and gun control. Professor's Study Shows Liberal Bias in News Media – 09/17/2002http://web.archive.org/web/20080205062048/http://www.cnsnews.com/ViewCulture.asp?Page=/Culture/archive/200209/CUL20020917b.html 
  10. Financial reporters are never allowed to write about companies in which they have an interest, while political reporters routinely refuse to answer questions that might reveal their own political positions and thus allow the reader to adjust for any bias, whether conscious or subconscious, that their reporting might contain. If financial reporters have to regulate their self interest, so should political reporters. 
  11.  During a 2006 exchange with Hewitt, longtime Washington Post reporter and columnist Thomas Edsall said that Democrats outnumbered Republicans 15-25 to 1 among members of the mainstream media ("The Hugh Hewitt Show". Hughhewitt.townhall.com. 2011-12-06. Retrieved 2011-12-10., http://hughhewitt.townhall.com/Transcript_Page.aspx?ContentGuid=2a63c078-2e33-46d8-b85a-a91a5257fca2)


Reasons to disagree:

  1. Reality is liberal. Journalist are in touch with reality.
  2. Corporations own media, corporations are conservative, and so media is conservative.
    1. Reasons to disagree
      1. Corporations give just as much money to democrats as they do republicans, so what evidence do you have that corporations are conservative?  


Score: +11 (reasons to agree), -2 (reasons to disagree), +3 (reasons to agree with reasons to agree) -1 (reason to agree with reasons to disagree) = +11 


Examples of bad arguments

  • Saying, "OMG!!! You have got to go see this movie" is not an argument. If this movie had good points, good arguments, or good statistics, please share them with us.
  • Just ignoring facts or statistics they don't like. Homer Simpson said; "Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true. Facts Schmacts". Real people do the same thing and just ignore arguments they don't want to acknowledge. 
  • When ever you give a quote from someone, people who disagree with you will always try to change the subject from the actual words that the person said, and if what they said is true or not, and try to change the subject to talking about the person talking. This is stupid, counterproductive, and one of the reasons it is painful to try to have a meaningful conversation with anyone.  


Essays that agree:


Movies that agree:


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Books that agree


Books that agree


Web pages that agree

  1.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_bias_in_the_United_States

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