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The way we treat illegal immigrants is the way they treated Anne Frank

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The way we treat illegal immigrants is the way they treated Anne Frank.


Background: Someone wrote on a blog that I wrote; " think the proposal on the table would, by logical extension, require... extremely harsh penalties against anyone who would knowingly house an illegal immigrant, including private homeowners foolishly inspired by the Diary of Anne Frank.


Reasons to disagree

  1. This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I have never heard of anyone proposing "penalties against those who house illegal immigrants", let alone harsh penalties, or houses that are private homeowners. But people who compare everyone they disagree with to Nazies should be beaten up. They will say that I am being a fascist by saying this, but there used to be lines of civility that people did not cross. Their were duels, and high noon to deal with people like this. You used to not be able to say stuff like this without getting beaten up. And it was good an healthy for society, and people acted like adults. But I digress. I have heard of laws against knowingly renting to crack-dealers. Are these laws that require fines from people who break this law, treating the crack-dealer like Ann Frank? If they can make stupid analogies, so can I. But this is the point. Any law that requires hiding in a house is not the same as Anne Frank. Ann Frank did hide in a house, but that does not mean that everyone who hides in houses is a good person, and everyone who tries to prevent illegal behavior in houses is a bad person.



  1. Obama is wrong on immigration.
  2. Laws strong enough to discourage employing illegal aliens would be extreme.
  3. An ID system for guest workers would cost too much.
  4. An ID system would harm privacy.
  5. It is extreme to not let people stay in America who broke the law to get here.
  6. People won't have enough money to self-deport.

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