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United Nations

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Governor Romney Urges United Nations To Revoke Any Invitation To President Ahmadinejad

Monday, Sep 17, 2007


Boston, MA – Today, Governor Mitt Romney released a letter sent to the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urging "the United Nations to revoke any invitation to President Ahmadinejad to address the General Assembly."


In his letter, Governor Romney wrote:


"The Iranian regime under President Ahmadinejad has spoken openly about wiping Israel off the map, has fueled Hezbollah's terror campaign in the region and around the world, and defied the world community in its pursuit of nuclear weapons – capabilities that make these threats even more ominous. As General David Petraeus testified last week, Iran is also supporting Shia militia extremists and violence that is taking the lives of American soldiers and undermining the Iraqi government."


Governor Romney believes that the Iranian regime's record demands that the United Nations "take a strong stand against Iran's President Ahmadinejad." Failure to take such a stand would be a setback to efforts to address the dangerous and deadly actions taken by Iran's leaders. If the United Nations fails to act, Governor Romney wrote that "the United States must reconsider its level of support and funding for the United Nations as we look to rebuild and revitalize effective international partnerships to meet 21st century threats."


Today's letter builds on the comprehensive strategy to prevent a nuclear Iran that Governor Romney laid out in January 2007 at the annual Herzliya Conference in Israel. As part of this strategy, Governor Romney called for the diplomatic isolation of Iran. He also encouraged public pension funds to strategically divest from any businesses associated with the Iranian regime's dangerous activities. In September 2006, Governor Romney ordered state government agencies not to support the visit of former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami to the Boston area because of the Iranian regime's dangerous actions.


To read Governor Romney's letter to the U.N. Secretary-General, please see: www.mittromney.com/img/pdf/UN_Letter.pdf. Also, to read Governor Romney's strategy to prevent a nuclear Iran, please see: http://www.mittromney.com/News/Speeches/Herzliya_Conference.


“For anyone who follows the news, the past few weeks has seen an increase in terrorist attacks against peace and civilization. From the bombing of the United Nations hotel in Baghdad to the continuing assaults against our troops in Iraq, we are coming to fully appreciate the sacrifice our men and women in uniform make on a daily basis,” said Romney.

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