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Video surveillance

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Video surveillance in public spaces is bad.

Reasons to agree

  1. You never know what the images are going to be used for.
  2. George Orwell in 1984 shows that it is bad.


Reasons to disagree:

  1. Only those who have something to hide think that video surveillance is bad.
  2. People are caught every day because banks have video cameras in them.
  3. 1984 shows that governments can be too controlling, and one of the tools that they miss used was video surveillance. The question is, “Is video surveillance inherently evil” and if it is, can you use something that is evil to accomplish something good? In other words, Does the end justify the means?
  4. Video surveillance is not bad in and of itself; it is just like any tool—it can be used for good or bad. And like any tool that has a tendency to be abused, we have to make sure proper checks and balances are in place for it’s use.


Interest of those who agree:

  1. Privacy


Interest of those who disagree

  1. Security
  2. The desire to live in a world where crime does not pay.
  3. The desire not to pay a higher price for items, because people steal.


Best Solutions


  1. Let property owners decide. If the owner of a store wants to use video surveillance, he should be able to. Because if he misuses the video, he will suffer in the marketplace.
  2. US Citizens should not trust the FBI.
  3. US Citizens should not trust any organization.
  4. US Citizens have to be willing to trust the FBI more if they expect them to be effective against terrorism.
  5. Unannounced surveillance in public places is bad.
  6. We can give the FBI more power, but also keep them in check
  7. If we are going to be recorded, we should be notified. In other words, surveillance cameras should not be hidden. Disagree That sounds so thoughtful and reasonable but it is so flawed. By definition when you are in a public space, you give up your right to privacy! Agee: By rewarding whistle-blowers

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