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We made many mistakes in Iraq

Page history last edited by Mike 12 years, 4 months ago

We made many mistakes in Iraq.

Reasons to agree:

  1. De-Ba’athification was a bad idea. +2
  2. When you take territory you should not give it back.
  3. You need to win the information war.
  4. You should secure museums and stop looting. 
  5. Our military was not designed to serve as a national police force.


Reasons to disagree: 

  1. There are a couple of different meanings of "many". In one sense, there are many mistakes in every war. Any accusation that there are "many" mistakes has to claim there are more mistakes per person-hour involved in a war. 


Score: +5 (reasons to agree), +2/2 = 1 (reasons to agree with reasons to agree), -1 (reasons to disagree) = +5

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