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We should help threatened Islamic states with the rule of law

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Issues / Confronting Radical Jihad


Mitt Romney has said that we should help threatened Islamic states with the rule of law.


Reasons to agree

  1. We can send lawyers to states Islamic states that are threatened threatened, to share ideas, and best practices/
  2. Many threatened Islamic states, have a ruling class that does not follow the same laws that it's citizens do. Some countries do not have any checks and balances. We can help intellectuals in these countries think about how they want to structure their society.
  3. We got rid of England and started a new country. Iraq is in the process of getting rid of Saddam, and baathist. We learned from threat thinkers before our time, we should be translating some of the wittings of the founding fathers into into middle-eastern languages like arabic, to see if anyone likes them.
  4. There are lots of ways we can help threatened Islamic states with the rule of law. +2


Exit question: What are ways that we could help with the rule of law, besides sending lawyers, and cops over their to talk to them?



  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rule_of_law


Score: +4 (reasons to agree) +2 (reasons to agree with reasons to agree) = 6 


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