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We should improve our economic ties with Latin America

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Issues / Strengthening Latin American Allies and Confronting Tyrants

We should improve our economic ties with Latin America.

Reasons to agree

  1. Free trade is good.
  2. People won't buy our products, unless we let our people buy their products.
  3. Overall the free-market is good.
  4. We should not fight to keep low skilled jobs in this country. We cannot compete with China and India with the number of people that we have. They have way more people than us. The only way we can compete with India, and China, is by being smarter than they are. We need to go through the difficult process of sending all our unskilled labor overseas, and forcing our people to become educated, so that we can all work at high-skilled labor, all make more money, and compete in the global marketplace. We have better schools than any other country. We can do it, and the world could benefit by getting our low skilled jobs. They don't have the capacity to educate all their people yet, the way we do. We need to be quick, and nimble.
  5. The President has negotiated vital free trade agreements with Latin American neighbors like Peru, Colombia and Panama, but some Democrats in Congress are so beholden to their labor bosses, that they have refused to pass them. It is time to put the interests of humanity and of the nation first.


Reasons to disagree

  1. Some low skilled jobs are important. We need to be independent, even if it doesn't take a PhD to run a farm, we need to be able to grow our own food, and make our own weapons.


Strengthening Latin American Allies and Confronting Tyrants

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