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What did you make of ABC News' Iran Intel Leak

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: First the leak and now the fallout, neither the White House nor the Justice Department will say today if an investigation will be launched into an intelligence report that was leaked by ABC News. If the report is indeed accurate, it exposes plans for secret CIA operations inside Iran. ABC's decision to publish this sparking fierce reaction from Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney today. The governor is with us now in an exclusive interview on the phone. He joins us from Lakeland, Florida.


Governor, good to have you.




CAVUTO: What did you make of this, Governor?


ROMNEY: Well, I was really shocked to see that ABC News reported a covert action being taken against Iran. Obviously, I wasn't shocked that we were taking covert action against Iran, but that they would report something of that nature when Iran is engaged in developing a nuclear weapon, when they're supplying a support to people who are attacking our troops in Iraq, when you have leadership of Iran that is denying the Holocaust, that's trying to develop a weapon to potentially carry one out.


I mean, this reality suggests that disclosing a covert action is something which has the potential of harming our national interests and potentially affecting lives.

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