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What is your health insurance plan

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What is your health insurance plan?


Greta Van Susteren: Let's take each one by one. Let's start with health care. A lot of Americans don't have health insurance. What's the plan if you are president?


Governor Mitt Romney: Well, I like the idea of letting states have some flexibility to develop their own programs to get more and more people insured. We found a way to get everybody in our state, Massachusetts, insured. I like the plan. I think it's one of the best things we did in my administration.


It's not perfect. We will learn from it. But the idea is for people who can afford insurance make sure they get their premiums down by taking mandates off insurance companies. Let the insurance companies offer true market-based products. And then for people who can't afford insurance, help them buy their own private policy. Don't put them on Medicaid. Get them private insurance. Get everybody in the system.


It's a bit like bringing work to welfare. Bring personal responsibility to health care. Get the government out of the health care business for those 45 million uninsured, and let individuals own their own policies.


Greta Van Susteren: Mrs. Romney, I assume that this health care is sort of near and dear. You have had health problems.


Ann Romney : Yes, I have.


Greta Van Susteren: And you look great.


Ann Romney : I feel great. I'm healthy now, but I have been very sick at a point in my life. And thank goodness we had health coverage at that point. I know people feel desperate without it.


Governor Mitt Romney: I think it was probably the most challenging experience in our life, was to have Ann diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. We wondered whether it would precipitate a complete collapse in her physical condition. But fortunately, she has remained strong and has recovered a good deal.


She has a form of MS known as relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, and so she is not threatened with a terminal illness at this point, but you know, we always want to make sure that she stays strong and healthy.

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