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What is your mission in the debate coming up at the Reagan Library

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Mike Allen: What is your mission in the debate coming up at the Reagan Library, and what do you think will happen?


Governor Mitt Romney: “Well, very modest expectations, because there are going to be 10 people, I think, at the debate. We’ll each get five or six minutes to respond to questions from Chris Matthews. By the way, why is it that the Democrats wouldn’t even go on Fox but we Republicans are happy to sit there and have Chris Matthews of the Carter administration, former chief of staff to Tip O’Neill? We’re happy to sit there and have him dish questions to us, but they won’t even go on Fox. It shows that we have a lot more courage of our convictions and our positions.”


Mike Allen: Why ARE you willing do to that?


Governor Mitt Romney: “Because we have courage -- I have courage of my convictions and positions and am not in any way shy of spending time with Chris Matthews.” Chuckles



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