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Would you go to war if the Iranians say

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    • Bill O Reilly: Now, I've got to ask you a hypothetical question, but it's really not, because if you are elected president, you are going to have to deal with this. Would you go to war if the Iranians say, we're going to develop a nuclear weapon, you can't stop us? Would you go to war over that? I know you are going to try diplomacy. I know and all of that. But when it comes down to crunch time, is that an issue worth going to war over?


    • ROMNEY: Well, no one who is thinking about running for president or being president should ever take the military option off the table. But before we get there, we're going to have very different approaches.


    • Bill O Reilly: Yes. I got that, Governor, with all due respect. I got all that. But when it comes down.


    • ROMNEY: Well, Hillary Clinton.


    • Bill O Reilly: When it comes down. Hillary Clinton said quite clearly, it's unacceptable. Unacceptable is different than going to war. Unacceptable could be, we'll blockade, you know, whatever. But is this an issue that is so important to this country that you do use military force against Iran?


    • ROMNEY: Well, when we say we're not taking the military option off the table, that's exactly what everyone is referring to. Of course you have to consider...





    • ROMNEY: ...military action. I understand some people wouldn't do it. But I think you recognize that having an Iran, a nation which has countenanced genocide, Iran that has supported efforts to kill our troops in Iraq next door, having Iran with a nuclear weapon, a country that might just use it.


You see, with the Soviet Union, we had people who were not suicidal. In the case of Iran, we have leaders there who are suicidal. It is unacceptable for our nation to have Iran have a nuclear weapon. There is a lot we can do before we get there. But the military option has to be on the table.

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