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Income inequality is a problem

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Income inequality is a problem

Reasons to agree

  1. Income inequality is a problem, when poor people don't have an equal chance at succeeding in life. They don't have to have equal outcomes, but as long as they are given an equal chance, it is ok.

  2. It is a problem that the people in finance who destroyed our economy make so much money  

  3. An economy in which most citizens are doing worse year after year is not likely to do well over the long haul. 

  4. Whenever equality of opportunity is diminished it is a sign that we are not using some of our people in the most productive way possible. 


Reasons to disagree

  1. As long as fewer people are trully poor, income inequality is not a problem.
  2. When poor people can still afford cable TV, cell phones, and Gold Teeth, income inequality is not a problem.  
  3. Income inequality isn't a problem as long as most of the very wealthy really did work harder, smarter, or are more deserving.  Income inequality isn't a problem when the extremely poor do not try to graduate from high school, keep their pants on, or support their offspring. 
  4. Income inequality (the outcome) is not a always a problem, but equality of income opportunity is a problem.



Score: +4 (reasons to agree), -4 (reasons to disagree) = +0 

Interest / Motivation of those who agree:

  1. The desire to be seen as counterintuitive, if you are an American, by supporting a former American enemy (socialism or communism). 
  2. The desire for equality of outcome. 


Interest / Motivation of those who disagree: 

  1. The desire for equality of opportunity.  

Books that agree:

  1. The Communist Manifesto 


Books that disagree:

  1. Socialism: an economic and sociological analysis by Ludwig Von Mises  

People who agree 



People who disagree 


Web pages that agree



Web pages that disagree 



Videos that agree:


Videos that disagree:


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