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We must not allow Jihadist to replace modern Islamic states with a caliphate

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Issues / Confronting Radical Jihad


Governor Mitt Romney has said that we must not allow Jihadist to replace all modern Islamic states with a worldwide caliphate. What do you think?


I would like to hear your reasons to agree or disagree, until then here are my Reasons to agree with Romney:

  1. The best way for a religion to prove how superior they are is to live better lives than anyone else.
  2. Your willingness to commit suicide for your religion indicates that you view your religion incorrectly.  
  3. A life well lived is the best revenge.
  4. Jihadist should not view obtaining control of government as a goal. 
  5. People should live their religions privately.
  6. State sponsored religions are not good.  You can't prove how devout you are when you live in a state sponsored religion. People will know that you are not living your religion because of choice, you are doing it because the government is forcing you.
  7. People should stop trying to change borders. In free societies, if you want to go visit a sacred shrine, you just get a travel visa. Your ancestors bones might be buried in a land, but they weren't always there. They moved there from somewhere else.
  8. Religious people should not set up theocracies.
  9. Religious people should not try to re-take what they perceive to be their home land.
  10. Religious people should look to their reward in the next life. 
  11. We should not allow people to change borders. Mexico should not take Texas back. America should not take Panama back. Russia should no re-create the Soviet Union. Iraq should not break into 3 different countries. China should not take Taiwan back. India and Pakistan should stop fighting over Kashmir. America should not take over any more territory. Russia should stop trying to claim the North pole. For each of these conflicts, thousands of people would have to die, in order for one side to be completely happy. Countries should stop trying to change their borders, and just deal with the problems they already have. Only countries that have a free press, freedom of speech, and other human rights, should be allowed to take over failed states, and expand their territory. Dictatorial and repressive regimes, that would kill those whom they conquer, or have a history of mistreating their own citizens, should not be allowed to expand. Countries that have a significant amount of political prisoners, who did not advocate violence, should not be allowed to expand. We must not allow violent people who use suicide tactics, like Osama Bin Laden expand his influence in Afghanistan, Africa, Pakistan, or any other country.


Reasons to disagree



Exit question: What should we do to stop the Jihadist?


I would like to hear your reasons to agree or disagree, until then here are my Reasons to agree with Romney:


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